Motorola fLaRe TM

 Display (LCD for all)  
2 x 12 + icons soft key prompts  
Number Capacity (max number of digits)  20  
 Name tag (max character length)               16  
 Silent ringer with visual indicator  
 Turn off keypad tones  
 Volume adjustment - earpiece  
 Volume adjustment - ringer  
 Volume adjustment - speaker  
 Display signal strength - continuous  
 Status review  
 Mute control  ( Through In-call menu)  
VibraCallTM alert
Cost control  
Keypad lock  
Electronic lock 
Display/charge unlock code 
Display call timers and/or charge meters: 
Last call 
Audible call timer (one minute) 
Programmable audible call timers 
One time - user defined 
Repeatable - user defined 
Automatic timer display (while in call) 
Charge (units/currency) 
Store charge rate: 
Home rate 
Roam rate 
Call restriction levels: 
Restrict keypad dialling 
Restrict memory access 
Full service 
Restrict incoming calls 
Restrict number length - variable
Call Placement   
Auto answer (in car-kit only)  
Auto redial (on system busy)  
Clear last digits/all digits  
Memory linking/pause  
International access key sequence  
User call rejection  
Preorigination dialling  
On hook call processing (with car-kit)  
Phone - numbered memory   100  
SIM card - numbered memory  
Last number  
Last 10 numbers dialled  
Last 10 numbers received (if using CLI)  
Notepad (last number entered)  
Turbo dialling (9 numbers 1 touch dial)  
DTMF signaling during calls:  
DTMF from memory  
Long tone DTMF  
Memory autoload  
Memory scroll  
Alpha name storage  
 Alpha name scroll  
 Menu operation  
 Call diverting           (Menu)  
 Call barring              (Menu)  
 Calling line identification (present and restrict)  
 Call waiting and call hol
Other Features  
PIN entry 
PIN enable/disable 
PIN change 
PIN unblocking procedure 
Service selection 
Auto PLMN select (preferred list) 
PLMN select from scan list and 'reselection' 
Scan list display (auto and manual) 
Change preferred list 
Rearrange order of preferred list 
Master clear 
Master reset 
Safety timer 
Ignition sense (auto turn on) 
112 emergency call origination 
Display battery meter continuously 
Low battery warning 
DTX discontinuous transmission 
Automatic language selection based on SIM 
Multiple language choices                                14 
 SMS cell broadcast: 
 Mobile terminated point to point 
 Mobile originate point to point 
 Data calls (2400 bps or higher) 
 Display own phone number (from SIM card) 
 Short or extended menu list for ease of use 
 User selected choices for ring tone 
 User selected choices for keypad tones 

Hardware Features  
 Dedicated control keys        6 
 Volume controls on side of phone                                      Illuminated keypad and display 
 Full size SIM card 
 Speaker phone operation (handsfree) (with car-kit) 
 Entertainment mute                             (with car-kit) 
 Internal charger                                    

GSM FlareTM Slim 350mAh (Lilon) Slim 350mAh (NiCd) Slim 400mAh (NiCd) Slim 500mAh (NiMH) Slim Extra Capacity 550mAh (NiCd) Standard 700mAh (NiCd) Extra Capacity 1300mAh (NiMH)
Weight 160 gm  190 gm 215 gm 215 gm 245 gm 250 gm 300 gm
Volume 195 cc 195 cc 195 cc 195 cc 205 cc 250 cc 250 cc
Size (H x W x D) 142 x 59 x 27 mm 142 x 59 x 27 mm 142 x 59 x 27 mm 142 x 59 x 27 mm 142 x 59 x 29 mm 142 x 59 x 37 mm  142 x 59 x 37 mm
Talktime 60 mins 60 mins 65 mins 85 mins 95 mins 120 mins 225 mins
Standby time*  (quoted as approx) 10 hrs 10 hrs 11 hrs 14 hrs 15 hrs 19 hrs 36 hrs
Overnight charger 5.5 hrs 7 hrs 8 hrs 9 hrs 11 hrs 7.5 hrs 12 hrs
Rapid charger 240 mins 55 mins 60 mins 65 mins 85 mins 60 mins 95 mins
Internal charger 160 mins 35 mins 40 mins 45 mins 55 mins 70 mins 115 mins

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