Motorola StarTAC 130
Display (LCD) 96 x 32 pixel + icons 
Phone Book memory: 
   Number capacity (max. number of digits): 32 in phone; 20 in SIM 
   Name tag (max. character length): 16 in phone; 12 in SIM 
 Illuminated keypad and display 
 Display signal strength - continuous 
 Battery charge indicator - continuous 
 Low battery warning 
 Status review 
 Automatic language selection based on SIM 
 Multiple language choices: 16 
 Dedicated control keys: 7 
 Real Time Clock
 Electronic lock 
 Automatic lock 
 Display/change unlock code 
 Display call timers and/or charge meters: 
  Last call / total 
 Programmable audible call timers: 
  One time or repeatable (user defined) 
 Automatic timer display (while in call): 
 Charge (units/currency) or minutes 
  Advice of charge - show units/charges: 1 
  Show charge per call / show total charge / set charge limit / reset total charges / store charge rate 
  Call restriction levels: 
   Restrict keypad dialling / access / incoming calls 
  PIN entry / enable/disable / change / unblock - PIN 2 enter / change
 VibraCallTM alert including vibrate then ring mode 
  Selectable ringer tones 
  Selectable keypad tones 
  Short, extended and personalised menu list 
  Volume adjustment - earpiece/ringer 
  Auto redial (on system busy) 
  Clear last digits/all digits 
  Mute control 
  International access key sequence 
  User call rejection1 
  Smart Button operation 
    Phone - 100 storage locations 
    SIM card - dependent on SIM 
    Last 10 numbers dialled 
    Last 10 numbers received (if using Calling Line Identification "CLI") 1 
    Erase last 10 numbers received and/or dialled 
    Notepad (last number entered) 
  Turbo Dial TM keys (9 keys with 1 touch dial) from phone, SIM or fixed dialling memories 
  Alpha name storage (recall by name or location) 
  Memory pause 
  Memory autoload 
  Memory scroll 
  Memory capacity 
  DTMF signaling during calls: 
    Long tone DTMF 
  Call diverting / barring (via the menu) 1 
  Key answer only 
  Volume/side function buttons: 
    Upper and lower keys - adjust keypad, earpiece & ringer volume; 
   scroll through memory entries and menu features 
    Smart Button - enters phone book memory; places phone call 
  CLI Look up in Phone Book 1 
  Calling line identification (present and restrict) 1 
  Call waiting and call hold 1 
  Master clear/reset 
  112 emergency call 
  DTX (discontinuous transmission) 1 
  Speed dialling 
  Fixed dialling 
  User configurable Quick Access menu 
  Conference Calling1 
  Multi Party Calling1 
  Call Transfer1 
  1 Network and subscription dependent feature. Not available in all areas. 
 Service selection 
    Auto PLMN select (preferred list) 
     PLMN select from scan list and 'reselection' 
     Scan list display (auto and manual) 
  EFR Enhanced Voice Quality1 
  SIM Application Toolkit with Second Card Reader Commands 
 Change preferred list 
 Rearrange order of preferred list 
 Small and Full size SIM card 
 Display own phone number (from SIM card) 
 A5/2 encryption 
 1 Network and subscription dependent feature. Not available in all areas. 

 Mobile originated point to point1 
  Create / send / store / edit / view / delete messages 
 Mobile terminated 
   Cell broadcast 
 Data calls1 - supports data, fax, email at up to 9600 bps 
   TS61 - alternate between fax/voice 
 1 Network and subscription dependent feature. Not available in all areas. 
 Security timer (with car-kit)2 
 Ignition sense (auto turn on) (with car-kit)2 
 Auto answer (with car-kit)2 
 Speaker phone operation (hands-free) (with car-kit)2 
 Entertainment mute (with car-kit)2 
 Internal charger

Battery Name Main or Aux Part Number Volume (cc) Phone & Battery Weight (g) Phone & Battery Size (mm) Phone & Battery  Talktime up to (mins) Standby time up to (hours) Charge time to 95% Charge (hours)
Slim 500mAh LiIon Main BLM9050 108 114 98.3 x 57.3 x 26 100 - 135 35 - 45 2.5
Standard 500mAh NiMH Main BNM9050 118 129 98.3 x 57.3 x 30.6 110 - 150 35 - 45 2.5
Extra Capacity 900mAh LiIon Main BLM9090 117.4 131 98.3 x 57.3 x 30.6 200 - 260 70 - 90 2.5
Slim 900mAh LiIon Aux BLA9090 n/a n/a n/a 180 - 240 60 - 85 2.5
Slim 900mAh LiIon Aux with Slim 500mAh LiIon Main n/a n/a 153 168.5 99.9 x 57.3 x 43.7 280 - 375 95 - 130 5
Slim 900mAh LiIon Aux with Standard 500mAh NiMH Main n/a n/a 158 177 99.9 x 57.3 x 43.7 290 - 390 95 - 130 5
Slim 900mAh LiIon Aux with Extra Capacity 900mAh LiIon Main n/a n/a 157.4 185 99.9 x 57.3 x 48.3 380 - 500 130 - 175 5

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