Nokia 1611

(Nokia 1611)

  The Nonstop Nokia

How mobile is a mobile phone? It all depends on how often you have to stop, plug it in and recharge the batteries. Which makes the Nokia 1611 the most mobile phone under the sun.

(Nokia 1611 Solar Battery)Nine days without a plug
The Nokia 1611 uses so little current that it stands by for up to four days, up to nine days, or for month after month.

With the Slim Battery the Nokia 1611 stands by for up to 110 hours, providing up to three and a half hours of talk time. The Extended Battery gives you up to 220 hours of nonstop standby service, or up to seven hours of talk time. You can recharge the Slim Battery in less than three hours with the Standard Charger and less than one hour with the Fast & Light Charger, and use the phone normally during charging.

Or you can recharge the optional Solar Battery with the solar panel. To recharge the battery, leave the Nokia 1611 in a sunny place - on a windowsill, for instance. You may never have to plug in your phone again.

 You can always write me a message
Can't answer the phone? You can always receive text messages. Line always busy? You can always send messages. With the Nokia 1611 you can send and receive SMS messages up to 160 characters long.

The Nonstop Nokia
The Nokia 1611 is more mobile - with long standby times and the revolutionary new Solar Battery option - to help you keep going, nonstop.


Operating times are network dependent. Variability may occur.
* Without solar charging.


Время разговора, ч.

Время ожидания
Время зарядки
"быстрым зарядом",ч.
Время зарядки
"стандатртым  зарядом",ч .
Solar Li-Ion 
400 mAh 
Slim NiMH 
600 mAh 
Extended NiMH 
1200 mAh

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