Nokia 2146
Nokia 2146 for Mercury One 2 One
- Exclusive Handset
(Nokia 2146)
On sale now! In One 2 One stockists!
First Nokia phone in Network - milestone!
First of many Nokia products in Network
Beginning of long term relationship

Fully featured Nokia

Data 9600 bps, 125 memory locations in phone, CLI, 10 no. redial, SIM & PIN security, DTMF transmission features, emergency call no.s, *SMS, cell broadcast, Mercury One 2 One Inside & local call options, call forwarding, call barring, call wait, wake up message, full LCD display of service / battery / in use functions, speed dialing in alpha & numeric modes, anykey answer, auto redial one touch & last no. dialing, last call stack, earpiece volume control, 5 ring tones, full range of warning tones, 1 key access to voicemail (no. 1 key with tape icon), 30 digit display, upper & lower case alpha entry, keyguard command, zonal indicator to Mercury One 2 One standard, timer & alarm clock. One 2 One specific features.

Target market - "high end users", all business users, professionals, brand conscious, Data users, fashion conscious

Awards of Excellence - What Cellphone "Best rated phone in One 2 One network" scoring 90%

Excellent write up in What Mobile!

Network coverage now +40% UK population. 80% by end of year

Full range of accessories

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