Nokia 2190

The innovative Nokia 2190 is one of Nokia's 2190 family of digital PCS phones available in North America.

Nokia PCS is preferred for many reasons: PCS is digital, giving you clearer transmission and reception. Digital also provides call privacy and security, especially because the 2190 utilizes the flexible SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) card. The 2190 is small and light enough to please the most discriminating user. More important, it is large on features like Soft Key Menu Access, a built-in help menu, short message readiness, data/fax capability, and dozens of advanced features that make the 2190 a top performer for business and personal use. It even automatically goes into a "sleep mode" when not in use to conserve battery power.

For advanced communications, the Nokia 2190 PCS handportable is a step ahead for customers and PCS network operators. It's simple, secure and convenient to use.

Highlight Features[Nokia 2190]

Power Options
Talk Time*
400 mAh NiCd
70 min.
17 hr. 
550 mAh NiMH
100 min.
22 hr. 
1100 mAh NiCd
200 min.
48 hr. 
1500 mAh NiMH
270 min.
66 hr. 
*With full Tx power. Talk time up to 6 hours depending on network 

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