Nokia 6081
Nokia 6081

  High performance on the road

  • Wide network coverage with powerful transceiver 
  • Full data features: send and receive short messages, data, faxes 
  • Elegant styling and ergonomic design 
  • Easy to use in car: one touch dialling, hands-free function 
  • Multiple installation alternatives 

Your office in your car
There's no reason why your car should not be as well-equipped as your office. So you need a car phone with everything you expect from your office phone. For a start, your car phone should not limit your working range. The Nokia 6081, with 8 watts of power, provides a strong signal and clear reception anywhere within the cellular network coverage area.

Second, your car phone should provide all the data communication services you need. The Nokia 6081 enables you to send and receive short messages, and to connect to a notebook PC to send and receive telefaxes, E-mail and files. The Nokia 6081 is optimally designed for easy installation in your car. With one-touch dialling, menu help texts and hands-free operation, the Nokia 6081 is easy to use in the car.

Your car or truck is your office
For a truck, taxi or delivery van, the Nokia 6081 provides the same benefits as for a private car: maximum operating range and full data communications capabilities.

For a fleet of trucks, taxis or vans, the Nokia 6081 provides one further benefit: it functions with an ISO SIM card. This means that several drivers, each using his own ISO SIM card, can use the same truck and cellular phone. The ISO SIM card can be easily removed to make unauthorised use of the Nokia 6080 phone difficult. Nokia 6081. The car phone for the mobile office.

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